Mission, Vision, & Core Values



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To improve people’s lives with memorable craftsmanship products and services.

To exceed customers’ expectations with unquestionable quality of projects, products, and services, while growing our work team relationship and business.


Core Values

Everything that we do is bigger than us. We don’t show up to work every day just for ourselves – we show up to make our team more impactful, our clients stronger, our family proud, and to chase our potential.

At Clear Choice, we do the things we say we’re going to do. Without exception. Discipline starts at the individual level, so we train in order to continue learning and growing.

We only hire growth-oriented individuals because we know that our business can’t grow if our people aren’t growing. Then we align the business goals with every team member’s personal, professional, and financial goals – when our team wins, the company wins.

Safety is non-negotiable. Our products and services are made under professional supervision, and our people are trained to serve at the highest standards of safety.

With our team, our customers, and our families. We work with honesty, ethics, professionalism, and fidelity. We are focused on high-quality products, and we believe that our craftsmanship will lead us to personal and business growth.

Results matter. We are focused on actions that ensure customers get the results they want while we grow our relationships and business.